The Birth & Death of Curiosity

Now, I don’t actually know what to entitle this post, and maybe that will come after I complete it. I don’t even know if I’ve placed this in the correct category “relationships” hmm, well I suppose, since I am talking about a relationship between two people.


He was a stranger. Of course he was, she had never seen him before, and he had never seen her. Yet, there was an instant connection, their eyes met, and their minds conversed and curiosity was born. (I think I found my title) Curiosity, it’s really a desire, a desire to learn more about something or someone, in this case these two people just wanted to know anything about each other and so a relationship formed.

Over a period of months, they talked and discovered  they had a lot in common, they also felt their was a rare chemistry between them, one that grew stronger with time. Note, they had only met once. Do you think you can truly know someone after a few months of conversing through IM and text messages? Honestly, what do you think? Well these two definitely thought it was possible, and so they continued.

And then . . .

They met for the second time in their relationship. Ah, the anticipation of seeing someone you’ve craved for months, someone you’ve desired to see, hear, touch, smell, taste. You know, for the longest time they were only using one of those five senses – see. Of course they were anxious to meet! And it was lovely, they created some beautiful memories that left them thinking about each other a little more than usual.

But then . . .

They met again. This is when curiosity died and the truth was revealed. What was built up for months, was built out of clouds, they weren’t able to see through it, but they could walk right through it. There was no density, there was nothing there to hold on to, and it was a disappointment. The only thing they desired at that point, was going back to that place where curiosity existed.

~ by doyouboo on June 20, 2010.

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