Law of Attraction Tips – Rides and Menfolk

So I’ve been keeping up with this woman “Karen Linuw” she has a website – – i believe.

Just saw something today on one of her notes and reminded myself that we need to:

1.ask 2.expect 3. receive 4.acknowledge  5.happy dance!!!

Asked for a Ride – She tells this story on how sometimes you need to just ASK for something; verbally put it out there and EXPECT it to happen. It’s a great reminder that good things can happen to all of us. I just like to read these stories because I believe that the more I see and hear and read the more I will believe these things for my everyday life.

  Like a man perhaps, I once had a friend (and I will probably tell this story 1,000 times) but she prayed for about 6 months to get a good man (prayer is really just another form of asking or affirmation) and there he was; these two were just a delight to watch and had been together for a long time; and engaged too; he was such a gentleman…(with a BANGING BOD might i add?) …hmmm banging bod…I’m going to put that one in my prayers.

~ by doyouboo on June 22, 2010.

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