Hustle Hustle Hustle


I’m Sorry I’m just a SUCKER for positive THANGS.
Here’s another article by Karen about giving and receiving…what really resonated with me was this passage of taking “intentional or inspired action”. Sometimes on this grand hustle of mine; deep down I believe that every little action that I take leads me closer to my goal. So when I’m in the concession stand; handing out slushies; or in the hot sun; giving someone a burger; I know that intrinsically that simple act is taking me closer to my goal…here’s the excerpt.

I vote for asking for what you want, feeling it and then taking inspired action. The perfect idea of a plan is about inspired action not action for action’s sake – which many of us do. (See!  There’s that doing thing again)  The very cool thing is, and I’ve seen this over and over again, is that taking action with the intention of moving ourselves forward sends a really strong message out to the Universe and we attract back all kinds of opportunities that may have not had anything to do with the original action but they end up being opportunities that are in alignment with our intention.

Read the full article here

~ by doyouboo on June 22, 2010.

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