You’re a Hot German Man in Niagara, but I don’t want you. I think.

OK, so I just did my first stint as a tour guide; and it was pretty awesome; I’m usually not much of a people’s person; but I can fake it when necessary. But i found that yes I do like being around people and would love to guide them around town; whatever town we’re in. So anyways, this german dude hopped up on the bus and hadn’t filled out his form and so I offered my pen; not that I had even looked at him like that; he was just another traveller on a bus; and I just a trainee guide.

So…I dunno, as the trip wore on I noticed that he made an effort time and again to talk to me; and it felt like we bonded (i found out his name was/is “*DAVID) (oh and then I later called him mark….and I cringed….sorry *DAVID..) but we spoke about my music (men seem to always LOVE a musician and singer…I think people think that musician’s are…I don’t know; more “open”) anyways we chatted about piano and how he had also studied and…it was nice; the weather was perfect. He is TALL like gosh over 6 feet for sure; tall dark and handsome; brown eyes; dark hair; tanned skin (very rare for a german; he told us his great¬†grandmother was italian…) I don’t know I thought his accent was pretty sexy; I think I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t mind the German language; harsh as it is.

So he continued to attempt to talk to me; i was of course very flattered but tried to keep my “hard to get” steeze on LOCK;…i’m not exactly sure why I totally pushed him away; well firstly he pulled out a cigarette at some point; and that has traditionally ALWAYS been a major TURN off for me. I’ve thrown away a lot of good men because of it; but I just figure; that somewhere down the line i don’t want to be asking anyone to quit or to pop a tic tac when they’re breath is STANK; but apparently smoking is the norm in Germany. Second truth is; I kept thinking about my ex; and how although he wasn’t tall dark handsome young (my ex is 41, DAVID is/was 27, I’m 23), fit, or even have a full head of hair; i still missed his pale (flat) ass, and his weirdness and wished that he was here/there.

That’s very silly i’m making a conscious efffort to “get over it” and failing everytime. I felt bad for not being more open to Daniel, i tend to give a very “F*** OFF” vibe to ALL men in general; I guess I’m also shyer than i appear; and you never want things to be awkward…and for some unknown reason I was just thinking how AWKWARD a date in the new future would be…but I mean seriously girl; can you just enjoy the moment for once? and STOP thinking about 2, 2 days weeks years months down the line; truth is i haven’t been on a date in a long time; and other truth is; I kinda SUCK at flirting; so…I think that next time; if that happens (or if I see all that fineness again; I will try to be more open; even if i’m only slightly interested; maybe for once I should just live in the moment?

but then again; if you know you don’t want a smoker; why even try, no?

but damn…he was so fine; he was like a trophy man that you show off to your friends….sigh…next time hot german man…next time.

OK but enough BOY TALK. the wines were quite lovely; got to taste ice wine; which is like sweet ass alchoholic juice which tastes like sweet crack and is delicious and costs $20 for like 200ml; you have to try that stuff! I really also liked the Riesling; the Merlot not so much; but I’ll look out for the konzelmann brand at my local LCBO lol.

OH ALSO…they had this awesome peach wine (I wish I had taken a pic) it was so sweet and awesome; honestly for me sugar and alchohol go very well together. It was a 3 on the sugar scale (happy to know about the sugar scale now…)

OK enough from me.

Nighty night.

*DAVID is NOT his real name…

~ by doyouboo on June 22, 2010.

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