Does Money Always Win?


Gah! I am a proud person. One of my agents was trying to stiff me in the money department and not even discuss it with me. So I cancelled my gigs; and I pointed my nose up in the air and carried my nose out the door, it felt pretty good. I thought to myself; I’ll just organize my own gigs (which I am most definitely doing; quite proudly I might add). I was thinking to go and watch someone’s performance on Friday night; a nice little jazz set; I’m so sad and sorry that I’m missing it because she’s actually a good singer. I couldn’t care less for clubs and standard nice life; just a little wine and a little jazz.
Then my agent called and offered me a gig on the same day. In knee jerk fashion I said yes; I had to…My cell phone bill alone is $140.00 this month; AAAAGGGHH how did it get so bad, i don’t know? but it did; so i said yes to the gig. And I will miss my jazz show.

Also the otherday I was walking down the street and decided for once to stop and listen to what the greenpeace people had to say. (you know those people on the side of the road that you try to avoid, holding pamphlets and little clipboards) I thought…ahhh i can finally give myself to a good cause; my time my energy my efforts… spirit.

They asked me for my money.

I just hate that money always gets to win. I’m not trying to be negative; and believe me I don’t have a negative association with money i don’t think that it’s the route of evil. I think it’s pretty frikkin great and can be a powerful tool. I just get frustrated when I see it strongarming it’s way all over the world; e.g. on my tourguiding mission this weekend I learned that Hamilton’s two strongest steel companies; just have to pay “a fine” when they accidentally “spill” poison into the river. The companies are stinking rich and there for this fine is like chump change to them. It’s just frustrating that, a little paper sometimes wins.

BTW – If even knows the secret code for the lottery; holla at a sister.

LOL, anyways I guess I believe it’s two sided you know; I’d recently run into a little bit of a pinch financially and calmly and silently all week asked the universe for some dough; and truth is 3 people called me just today offering me money making opportunites (music gigs and like…oh actually make it 4 people called with 5 different opportunities)…so you know what; I guess I asked for it. I’ll just know in the future; to attract EVEN more money; so that I can have two glasses of wine at the jazz show next time; and not just one.

that was random; i know, i have nothing else to say just wanted to rant.

~ by doyouboo on June 24, 2010.

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