Kelis – 4th of July

REQUEST LINE! I hope I can make this post nice and short.

I’m just going to say that I am FEELING this joint right here. I’m loving Kelis more and more; I love how she’s so unapologetic for who she is; she’s a little bit weird, and has always been that way. She may not be rocking Beyonce type numbers; but I think as an artist she really stays true to herself (and I’m sure beyoncĂ© does too). I just think it’s good to be different. AHH can you feel the passion in her voice as she sings that chorus.

She is a great examples of how to “do you, boo!)


Ok, now you know I couldn’t just leave it there. i will say however that, this song is tinged with a little sadness for me; for the moment I really believe in those words “nothing, I’ll ever say or do, will be as good as loving you.” I know that eventually I’ll find someone who’s love feels even better than the last, but until then; this will be a mini-maxim for me.


~ by doyouboo on June 24, 2010.

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