“Summer Fling Ting”

Damn, this summer season has me feeling kind of . . . hot, hot, hot! When I wake up in the morning and check the weather network and I see forecasts like “today’s high 28 degrees feels like 32 degrees” I get excited. I run into my room, pick out a cute mini dress, throw my hair up, accentuate my lashes with some mascara, and spritz a bit of sweet-smelling fragrance in all the right areas. I love walking the city streets like it’s my own personal runway, I love eating at all the best restaurants, sitting out on the patio with the ladies, drinking a beer every once in a while, running those summer missions to the beach, museums, parks, SHOPPING! reading my favorite books on the balcony. But my absolute favorite summer thing or should I say “ting” . . . BOYS, men, the fellas, the cuties, all those sexy eyes staring into mine, the pumped up arms, the working calves, the tight butts, the stylish fresh shoes . . . You feel me!?

I’ve been through my fair share of heart breaks, and sure I dwell on it from time to time, especially during those winter months when you’re so cold, and you just want to cuddle up with your baby, and watch movies all weekend. But in the summer time, my single status is the only accessory I need, and the slogan as all of you must know:

I am single and ready to mingle!

Now I don’t want any of you ladies to do something crazy, like . . . I don’t know . . . fall in like with your “fling ting(s)” my top 5 rules.

1. Keep conversation light + simple. Usually when you meet someone, you talk to them, you engage in some conversation. Don’t get too deep. He doesn’t need to know anything that he can use to get closer to you, and you don’t need to hear anything from him that will make you think “wow, this guy is a keeper”. As far as I’m concerned all you need to know is if he has his own car, money in the bank, and his own place. All you need to tell him are your preferences for: food, clothes, movies and destinations, considering he will be paying for anything related to these topics, he needs to be well aware, what you enjoy.

2. Don’t call him or see him every day. The more you see someone, the closer you get. We don’t need to get attached ladies, not during the summer months.

3. Keep a “me first” attitude. It’s not selfish boo, it’s the way of a diva!

4. Don’t give up all the goodies. Girls seem to get attached once they give it all up, whether they like it or not. I don’t encourage this, but if you are able to act like a boy, no strings attached style the DO YOU BOO I ‘aint mad atchya.

5. Leave your options OPEN. When you find that fling ting who even has the sun sweating don’t close off all other options. There are plenty of fish in the sea girl. When you focus on one, you ignore all the other ones. So please, please, please never forget to keep that little black book overflowing with contacts!

July 1 is just around the corner. Get to the gym and work on your fitness, get those pedicures, manicures, get the hair did, get some summer shopping in, and get on the road ladies. It’s SUMMER* SUMMER* SUMMER* TIME. And it’s your time to SHINE!

~ by doyouboo on June 24, 2010.

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