E-Crack Debut ->In response to: I Think I’m Jealous of Your Girlfriend

To K-Mama:

I’ve been waiting for the perfect post to get this e-crack packaged up and ready for shipment! I read your post and couldn’t wait to get analyzing.

Before I go any further, I should explain what E-crack is. Me and K-Mama started this a year ago, we weren’t sure what it was at first, but it evolved into something fabulous! When we send personal emails to each other they are lengthy and full of detail, we can literally spend 30 minutes or more just writing to each other. Motivating each other, supporting each other, just truly being there as a friend. It was E-crack that got us thinking about blogging. So I’m really excited to bring this aspect of our life into the blog!

Let me start by saying . . . YES HE IS FINE! And I don’t know why she has not tapped that. I’m just saying, you have a fine MAN, and he can be classified as a man, that is willing to be your friend, who isn’t trying to make moves on you, who you are comfortable around . . . and you’re telling me that you’re not interested?! After all we’ve been through with relationships, all these whack dudes. Dang girl, dang. I guess all I can say is, DO YOU BOO!

I feel you though. You two have shared a lot of close moments, and being able to create beautiful music with someone (when music is your passion) that alone can draw you so close. Maybe he was never your lover, (I don’t know how not with that tight ass + body) but he is a friend that you consider a brother, it hurts when someone that close to you cuts you off cold.

Girl, you know what it’s like to lose someone you care so much about. I know what it’s like. I think everyone know what it’s like to lose someone. The thing is he’s not dead. You have a chance to bring this relationship back to life! TALK TO HIM. The longer you let this wedge (not referring to the girlfriend) drive you two apart, the harder it will be to bring it back together. Don’t let this go. (Besides, I believe this is like a Brown Sugar type love – you know that movie?) By talking to him you wont seem jealous, start off by telling him how much you love the fact that he’s in love! Tell him you think his girl is wonderful. Tell him you miss him as a friend, and you don’t want to lose the friendship that you two have maintained all this time. Why not? Is this an issue of fear . . .

I don’t agree with his attitude. I know he’s all wrapped up on cloud nine, but homie needs to get it straight. You are a true gem, he’ll never find a friend like you in a million years.

You passed up one opportunity to say what’s on your mind (SPPM) and it ate you and me – haha – alive. Don’t let him slip away girl. I know, I’m not one to talk, but I want you to be the strong young woman you are!  You can do this, confront him.

I love you.

(I don’t have an alias yet, still working on it.)

~ by doyouboo on June 25, 2010.

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