Re-Crack: “I knew the ending before it began”

So, I was talking to “girlfriend” of my “boyfriend”…actually years ago I wrote a song about that…ahh. But I digress. We had a NICE long chat and she’s a super cool chick, no diggety, no doubt. This talk was all about RED FLAGS, and how often we don’t heed them. I’ve done that many a time in my day, and regretted it. Unfortunately, perhaps because we are young, we tend to want to believe that things should and MUST be a certain way. A small part of us still believes in fairy tales after all. The older I grow the more, I see the universe shake things around, we’re all just trees blowing on a leaf; and sometimes you really just have to accept what is.

So what I’m saying is, you KNEW that this dude, was attached, not only did your gut feeling tell you, but FACEBOOK told you too. He was dishonest with you; that was a red flag, he told you not to text, that was a red flag, you saw and CORRECTLY analyzed those facebook flags…BLEEDING RED FLAG!

It’s a shame that this dude had to be a bad example of what a man should be…fine as he was though…mmm mmm mmm. But if we see RED, treat it like a dirty tampon and flush it DOWN son. Not all men are douchebags, I can’t live in a world where I believe that “they are all the same” (if you believe in God) could God really be that cruel? If you believe in “Universey-type-deals”, could the universe really be THAT unbalanced that everyman is a liar and a cheater? If you believe in nothing….shoot I ain’t got nothing for ya!

Ladies, let’s see the red flags, acknowledge them; discard them and move on, before we hurt ourselves again.

DON’T get caught up in the mix.

DO, doyouboo


~ by doyouboo on July 4, 2010.

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