The Ritual of: Solitude

Solitude: the state of being alone.

Is that something you are able to do? For some it’s a scary thought, a lot of people feel lost when they are alone, I know I used to. Girl, I remember when I was younger back in highschool I always had to be with my friends, when I wasn’t with them I was on the phone with them, when I wasn’t on the phone with them I was writing a letter to them. If I was in the middle of something important and I got a phone call I’d drop all that I was doing, if I was too tired and my friends wanted to hang out, I was always down. To be honest I was like that up until a couple of months ago.

The thing is I got tired of neglecting myself and my needs. If you don’t just back away from all the daily activities, friends, drama (don’t act like y’all don’t got drama) you start to lose yourself, and in my opinion that’s when you become dependent on everyone BUT yourself (reminds me of a relationship I was in, I’ll have to fill you in another time).

If it is your intention to continually improve yourself which is what the Kaizen Diary is all about, then how can you do that without spending a little time alone with yourself. I’m not saying to sit there analyze yourself, this is about living in the moment alone, and being courageous enough to do it on your own!

Before starting the Kaizen Diary I have always made it a point to take some time out of my day to spend by myself, it is truly refreshing, especially when you get the chance to do it outdoors surrounded by nature.

So the next time you find yourself without plans and alone, turn off your phone, take a seat and just chill.

~ by doyouboo on July 6, 2010.

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