Can He Pass The Homie Line?

He says things to you that make you smile, when he’s around you feel good, when you engage in a conversation you don’t want to stop, but when you look at him . . . you want to paper bag that!

Ok maybe not that fo-ugly but he’s just not your “dream” guy.

So when do you erase the line? What will it take to make this guy attractive to YOU?

I know I’m not the only vain girl out there. And if your man ain’t all that, chances are it took a while for you to recognize that he was all that to you. But how did he do it?

What attracts me to a man, abs and sexy eyes aside, is:

Deep conversation
His appreciation for little things

I know a few guys who are genuine and have all that, but I’m just not attracted to them, I could never take it past the friend line. But then I meet Mr. Sexy sexy and I start to act a fool, if he doesn’t have what I’m looking for I adapt to what he does have and I put it under the light. And for real, some of the guys I’ve been interested in are fyne as hell. With their modelesque faces and lickable bods, the problem, we can’t get past the physical. When I get that feeling, I want _ _ (you can fill in the blanks) but I’m so tired of all that.

I want to be with someone who can watch a movie with me without trying to rub up on me. Someone who can be chill, someone who can be my homie when I need him to be, and my lover when I want him to be. The thing is the sexies aren’t feeling the homie role, and I won’t allow the others to play anything but the homie role.

But with all these failed relationships on my record I think I’m just going to have to dig deeper. Be open to the not so attractive ones, start erasing that line, see where life takes me.

But if you looking like Chris Bosh . . . I got that permanent marker, you know what I’m saying, that line will be nice and thick.

To all the girls who have the fyne men on lock, good on you. And to all the ladies who can love their man from the inside out – do you boo!

~ by doyouboo on July 12, 2010.

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