Jersey Shore, you’ve won me over!


I just got through watching most of season 2 of jersey shore (while eating ridiculous amounts of pumpernickel bread and procrastinating and not attending to very serious matters in my own damn life…smh) and I love it!

It’s like culture smash right into your face. It feels like anthropology to me, the rituals of a subculture put on display, I won’t lie I love the drama, too (it seems there isn’t enough in my own life…); but what I love most is how unapologetic they are of who they are.

I love the GTL – Gym Tanning and Laundry. I love passion they have for staying “fresh” not sure if passion is the right word, kaizen perhaps? I love that they love to work out (i’m contemplating working out tomorrow); I love that they constantly love to take care of themselves and look good, even if the clothes and accesories might sometimes be a tad tacky. Most importantly, I love how unapologetic everyone is with regards to their sex lives; especially the women, as long as they’re being safe, they’re very candid about sex, and seemingly non-chalant about it.

It’s also for me a study of relationships and how different people act when put in compromising situation. e.g. Snooki was extremely uncomfortable in the first episode because she didn’t get the attention she’s used to at home. I know I was like that once, I would pout if I wasn’t given the attention in new situations that I was used to in my regular life…OOOOhhhh there is so much to write about. first topic…Sammi and Ronnie (I’m on season 2, i’ve skipped season 1 for now.)

~ by doyouboo on September 10, 2010.

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