When a “buddy” stops calling you …

I met this guy a couple months ago when I was still new to the city. It was a nice summer day, I was with a friend and her friends, I didn’t know everyone around me, so when this guy approached me I thought he was apart of this big group. He wasn’t.

We talked for a little, he asked for my number I said no, but he was persistent, eventually I gave in (which is another post in itself, how to say no when a guy your not interested in asks for your number) that was that, I didn’t think he’d use it, but he did, almost every night. Most of those nights I didn’t answer, but when I did we had good conversations, we laughed, it was nice.

*note: when he said he wanted to get to know me’, I said “for what?” he played it off like he just wanted to be friends.

Let’s just fast track to the present. About a month ago he took me out to eat, and a couple weeks ago he invited me over. Well when this guy asks to do things, he’s not really asking, he’s actually telling you (red flag moment) and puts you in a positions where you just kind of agree, because saying anything else is awkward. But it was ok, we’re … friends.

So we’re on separate couches, thinking
that would indicate I just was not interested in a first kiss moment, or anything else along those lines, but as I yawned and started to doze off, home boy has to come over to the couch and throw his arm around me and pull me in to him. Nope, wasn’t having it, so I sat up, and started “texting”.

It was like that for the rest of the night, attempts, and rejections. Eventually he took me home, he didn’t seem bitter at the time, but his phone calls stopped. So I guess he wasn’t interested in a FRIENDSHIP after all.

~ by doyouboo on September 13, 2010.

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