Esperanza Spalding

World LOOKOUT, “this girl spits hot fire” – I joke I joke, but she’s is my new favourite artist of the moment. The other day I traipsed into HMV wanting to splurge on CD’s (after watching an interview of Norah Jones on Qtv and remembering that I’d still not bought her 3rd and 4th albums after loving the 1st and 2nd). So there a was, I’d just sold my car a few weeks ago, and decied I needed a music binge before my trip to Germany. I bought 4 CD’s in Total. In retrospect, I’m pleased to recognize that I’m supporting young, beautiful , talented, gifted instrument jazz playing ladies.

1. Norah Jones – Not Too Late

2. Norah Jones – The Fall

3. Elizabeth Shepherd – Heavy Falls the Night

4. Esperanza Spalding – Esperanza Spalding

So far (and I’ve only listened once) but I’m crazy about her album, she’s an incredibly talented bassist, jazz scatter and lyricst. Check her out for yourself, I’ll be posting more on this inspiring young Diva. She has this song “precious” which has infected my mind of late…the chorus goes..

You always wanted
Something more from my body
And said you needed
Something more from my loving
But all you got was me
And that’s all that I can be
I’m sorry if it let you down

LOVE THIS! How many women have wrongly felt inadecuate based on some lame guy’s reaction. I love her devil may care attitude; take it or leave it.


~ by doyouboo on October 13, 2010.

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