Feeling Mighty Powerful and Greatly Grateful

So I just moved to Berlin, Germany.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride; I’ve had things go very wrong and somethings go very right. (well…don’t tell my mama this but) The first night i got there, the room that I was supposed to be renting didn’t work out. It was kinda tragic. My flight was delayed and i was left alone in the cold at 2am in a foreign city on my own, with not much money. I nearly cried. Luckily I didn’t let myself fall apart, I just hustled, harder than I ever have and found aroom in a hostel in the city, most of them are fully booked so I was quite blessed. Anyhoo, now I have changed my train of thought. I am just grateful these days just to have a bed at night. It’s such a blessing. No really it is, you don’t know that until the prospect of not having a bed arises within you…(scary prospect). I’m grateful for every little bite of food I get, and I’m focusing on the moment and enjoying every single day. John Lennon has this lyric where he says something like…”Faith in the future outta the now” it’s from his song “mind games”, and how we have to be in control of the things we tell ourselves. It’s very easy to feel afraid in a new country, but when I get down I just pull out my new book “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne and focus on the good things in my life.

I’ve lived in Africa, America and now Europe, and by far Africans have it the worst when it comes to quality of life. So really I’m grateful for the littlest things, I am. Another thing we forget is to be aware of the great things that DO happen to us, we say…”I’m doing all this mindful stuff and nothing’s working! it probably is, you just haven’t noticed it yet!”

Rhonda tells the story of what it means to feel good about money. She was totally down and out one day and had nothing; she was actually severely in debt. She drew a few hundred dollars and gave it to random people on the street just to get a good feeling about cash and what it can do for others. That was friday, the monday morning she received an offer to sell some old shares she’d forgotten about for $25,000. Now I know this is fantastical. But I have some news of my own! I was feeling skeptical about money because I just found out that my frekkin insurance was going to take out $689 at the end of the month (even though i’ve sold my car….). So I hadn’t budgeted for that, and now I can’t spend all the money I thought i would on rent. So I tried what she’d suggested, I gave a small donation online to a charity that i usually give to, this time I sent along a good “feeling” feels cheesy but hey when brokeness arrives you’ll try anything :p.

A day or two later I heard from an associate willing to offer me 300 Euros for work that was meant to be for charity, work that i had never expected to get paid for, as well as offering to pay me for another night. This music submissions company that i subscribe to regularly charged me the yearly fee of $100. it may not sound like much but when you’re feeling sketchy about money anything and everything helps. They usually don’t give refunds, but some guy wrote me and said he’d make an exception with me. I’m so blessed…And really it was all because I gave good feelings, i told myself that fine even if i was charged, it was meant to be and it would mean that good things would come out of it.

So there you have it…ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE.

get out there feel grateful.

and do. you. boo.

~ by doyouboo on October 17, 2010.

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