I’m 23 and talking to a boy at midnight …

So I share an apartment with my older sister, and to my surprise she hasn’t acted like she’s the “boss” of me, well to a degree.

Here’s the thing, I’m the youngest of 5, so my family believes they know what’s best for me, I’m too young to understand. Now I’m sure you’re all thinking, “we’ve heard this before, another young person fighting for independence, and her right to decision making” well I guess that’s exactly what it is. The way I see it, is – I’ve probably experienced more than my sisters who spent most of their teenage years, indoors, together. So let’s talk about sheltering yourself. I’ve had many friends, of many cultures, ages, religions, sizes, I’ve taken chances, put myself in situations I probably shouldn’t have, but my point is, I’ve lived – outside of my bedroom. I didn’t have the luxury of a sister who was only a year older than me, much less a brother. Me and my brother are the closet age gap, and that’s still 5 years. Do you think he wanted me tagging along. He still doesn’t. I’ve always had my own friends, secrets, goals, missions, without the help of my family. So what makes anyone think I’ll stop now?

I was talking to a boy on the phone the other night, it was probably 12 30 am … My beautiful older sister who I love, busted into my room, like Kramer enters Jerry’s apartment, and demands to know who I’m talking to, and if it’s a boy. I’m sorry, did I forget to mention I am 23 years old???? Then after I replied, she told me to hang up, I asked her to shut the door behind her, and then she yells “BYE. SHE CAN’T TALK TO YOU. SHE HAS TO GO TO BED NOW!!!!”

Now, if I react to this in a whiney way like “I can talk to whoever I want stupid” pout my lips and stomp around, I will never gain the respect of my older siblings. That doesn’t mean that I am going to stop doing what I’m doing. I will stand up for my rights, lay down my arguments, the only best part is, I’m not running for president, I don’t need their vote. I just want their support.

It basically comes down to two options. Fight it or accept it. But we all know what happens when we fight, the other person either fights back, conform, or straight up rebels. As far as I’m concerned I’m holding my ground, and considering we’re talking about me and my life I think that’s best thing to do. I’m not saying I’m unreasonable, if they have valid, wise advice, I will listen, and definitely think about it before making serious decisions. But just be realistic about it.

I’m 23. I think it’s about time y’all start acting like it.

~ by doyouboo on October 22, 2010.

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