Eat Pray Love Review

My Review of “Eat Pray Love”

There were some really nice moments but it felt
like the director was in a rush; perhaps there was
just too much rich content for a movie. I think it
would have been better directed and produced by a
european company perhaps? I feel like they’re not afraid to
deal with misery. Julia roberts did a fantastic job
with the material given to her but…she just looked
too healthy and happy most of the time.

Liz was supposed to be fragile, and without appetite at one time and nearly suicidal and Julia
was glowing and beautiful radiated by perfect lighting. I wasn’tconvinced that she was miserable and on the verge
of a nervous breakdown.

It’s very clear to see the plot at odds with the general
“idea” for the film. Everything is a little too hollywood
and perfect. I love how the medicine man in the beginning speaks
perfect english and yet is willing to wait a few years for liz
to return and teach him. the toothlessness was a nice touch….haha!

I must say that the scene with the food on the table in Italy…was to DIE FOR! I’m still convinced then when I get the fundage, I will live in Italy…and never leave…and continue to buy bigger and bigger pairs of jeans until they have to carry me out with a helicopter and tear my roof off. My goodness.

But back to the movie, I didn’t really feel like the cinematography fit the content of the film. It was a little too bright and happy and “Disney” to me; but that’s Hollywood again forever wanting the happy ending. There were some lovely edits however to the film, Liz’s sister was cut out as was one of her good friends in Bali and there were some beautiful really thought provoking lines.

Javier Bardem is far too young to play Phillipe, but we’ll forgive him for not looking 53 or so, a little sexyness never killed anybody. The film finally ends with the dramatic Rom-Com ending of one rushing through the meadows and valleys to find one’s true love, even though, really there was no rush, he lives on the island and is going nowhere.

It’s not perfect but it would have been quite a task to get this movie right. The film was also a  little disjointed and jerky. If you’re just looking for something to view over a nice quiet evening in and a glass of wine, then you’ll be fine. Don’t take it too seriously, soak up all the lovey dovey moments, mentally compare yourselves to the characters and “relate” ahhhh this is what we girls do. Have fun with it!

I give it a B – for Boo!

~ by doyouboo on November 7, 2010.

One Response to “Eat Pray Love Review”

  1. Didn’t hate it like most, mainly thanks to Julia Roberts, but I must say that this does suffer from some scenes that run on way too-long. But I can easily say that I wasn’t bored, just not totally satisfied. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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