The SECRET WORKS! Money in 1 DAY!

I have a story to tell you:

You know …I was in a bit of a bind financially, I was in a real fix; I did a gig on new years eve; and I thought they’d pay like a day or two later; but weeks were going by and nothing turned up. NO MONEY! A few weeks earlier; some other woman I had worked for did the same thing to me; twice!!! She paid me late. I got very disheartened thinking…damn..i’m a “positive” person.. what’s up?

I realized that it must have been ME causing these delays; who knows where my thoughts were; in the back of my mind i was always afraid of running out of dough; I didn’t realize that I was creating this reality for myself. YESTERDAY I GOT DESPERATE because I didn’t have a lot of money; and I didn’t know if I could get enough from my parents fast enough; seeing as I needed to pay for rent.

So I watched “The Secret” the movie, again like I told you.  I felt the intensity; I started to feel really good and optimistic and hopeful; just wonderful; then i got onto the website; ( and started readings all the “success” stories so that my mood was elevated. Then when I was feeling REALLY good I asked the Universe for my money.

Then before I went to bed; I used my brain to cut through the airwaves and I said “HEY, whoever is responsible for my money out there from my NYE gig; I want my money in my account tomorrow; if not I want that money from somewhere!
(a week earlier the lead singer offered to help me out with dough; but then she never followed through…BURN!)
I asked both God and the Universe; then I continued to visualize the money in my account and what it would look
like on the computer screen and just amplified my feelings.

In the morning I did the same; just made sure I felt GOOD GOOD GOOD; thought of all my favourite things and surrounded myself with good thoughts and feelings and said “yo, that money IS IN MY ACCOUNT TODAY” Then I went about my day. In the late afternoon after my singing lesson I came home. I was afraid to check my bank account for fear that perhaps my efforts were just not enough…

THE MONEY WAS IN MY ACCOUNT TODAY! AS IN the DATE OF THE TRANSFER WAS TODAY!!! 25 January 2011!!! Can you believe it? They hadn’t paid ALL THIS TIME and mysteriously today the money was IN MY ACCOUNT ALL 600EUROS of it.

I don’t know who put it there; whether it was the lead singer or the company; all I know is that my money is in my account.

If there were ever any doubts that this stuff really works…man it really works. I plan to watch the movie a few more times and read the success stories online a little bit more. I just wanted to share this with you; so that maybe you too could attract the things you desire.
I think the most important thing is FEELINGS and not so much “affirmations”. The affirmations do help a bit but more than that it’s important to feel good. To feel really incredibly POWERFUL. if you can also buy and read that book “the power” it will help too. It’s important to keep yourself in THE BEST POSSIBLE mood at all times and that’s how you attract good things. I feel like I’m finally learning how to control this, I’ve read a lot of books and tried many exercises but they didn’t seem to work so well for me; or maybe I just grew impatient.

Just thought I’d share that story with you. Now that I know I’m capable I have some bigger dreams on my plate that I’m going to attack. We have to realize that in life there are no limits; and that we deserve the best and if they want to put a limit on this thing then it’s just not for me



~ by doyouboo on January 26, 2011.

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