“French Women Don’t Sleep Alone”

Ahhhh…Nothing like a good book really. I was feeling very blah the other saturday and decided to get out of the damn house. I’m currently living in Berlin and it is ALWAYS dark and gloomy here…I really needed some fresh air and something exciting to do; besides lying in bed and daydreaming.

I decided to go and check out this english library that loans books to you for about 1,50Euros, “Another Country”. It was a dank dark little spot, but the books made it inviting. Because I am an absolute GIRL, my inner compass led me to this book “french women don’t sleep alone”. And gosh what a treat (i’m pretty sure the owner rolled his eyes at me when he’d seen what I’d selected but so what!)

This book is witty, fun, inviting, insightful, highly informative and a MUST READ for any girl anywhere regardless of nationality. I feel like sometimes our mother’s forget to teach us how to really become women, there is a lot I have had to figure out on my own; and this book was a little booster course. Some memorable tips include, wearing beautiful lingerie EVERYDAY! Why didn’t I think of that? Well, my mommy always told me that “home clothes are for home”, as in, when at home one should wear dowdy garments; when as a little girl all I wanted to do was dress up in my princess dress all the time. I think my first instincts were right. Princess dress all the way, it’s amazing how great you can feel, when you dress for your best everyday, even if there is no-one there to witness it. If a sexy lady’s scarf falls in the privacy of her bedroom and no-one witnesses it, did it ever happen, does it even matter.

Yes and Yes.

More insightful tidbits on this delightful little croissant.

until then,

do you boo


~ by doyouboo on January 27, 2011.

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