Just Breathe

Sometimes life can seem a little chaotic. One thing doesn’t go your way, and it’s almost like everything else to follow, is out of whack …

Is it?

We all have our moments. Those moments we feel like jumping off a bridge, and by that I mean, curling up in a little ball and pretending we don’t exist. I’ve been feeling like that lately. Life seems so overwhelming, nothing is falling into place, where did I go wrong, why is this happening to me. I can’t get what I want, and what I need seems so far away. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

But last night I walked into a clean, empty apartment. The rain was tapping on the window, and my couch was calling my name. I threw off my outerwear and put on some comfy pants and a oversized t-shirt, when my butt finally hit that comfy cushion, I knew it would be nothing but smooth sailing from there on out.

I stopped my mind from thinking about everything that was going wrong and I concentrated on that one moment where everything seemed just right – me, my quiet apartment, the rain, and my couch. All I had to do was breathe.


~ by doyouboo on May 20, 2011.

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