Happy Days Are Here Again!

Words are more than thoughts, they are actions. Never under estimate the power of the words that slip out of your mouth, they have more force than you can imagine. With the words you speak, you can tear someone down, or build someone up. You can attract negativity or you can attract positivity. It’s up to you, how you chose to use them.

I’ve watched friends talk themselves into depression, repetition was all it took. They would say things like “I deserve everything that’s happening to me.” or “I am such a bad person” or “I’ll never forget this/move on from this” they made the issue at hand an impossible one to get past. In fact, any type of encouraging words given to them, were shot down with something just as negative.

The thing most people have to understand is, It’s not a matter of “seeking” happiness, it’s not a “pursuit” of happiness, it’s a matter of conditioning the mind, and making positive thinking a routine. Deep down inside, we are all happy, we were made to be happy and to enjoy life. We were made to: SEE beautiful creations. SMELL sweet aromas. TASTE delicious foods. FEEL our surroundings. HEAR the music nature produces.

See, life is simple, and once you decide to simplify your life, happiness flows abundantly. This doesn’t mean living in a one bedroom apartment, with a single chair and no electricity, you can still have everything you want, just realize that your wants go above and beyond your needs. And once you have all you need, learn to be content, and contentment leads to happiness.

Keep smiling, while doing you boo!


~ by doyouboo on July 16, 2011.

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