I’ll give you the background first. I was in a relationship for a short while. It ended. I nearly died inside. But I have somewhat moved on. I still work with this person. I was able to forgive him, which at one point seemed impossible. Now I’m over that hump. We did a song together on his new album. It sounds great. A few days ago he messaged me and sent the entire album, and asked that I listen and post online. So i sent him a fun message saying that I would.

I got no response. Which by the way, is his signature response.

I gave it two days then I was a bit down. SERIOUSLY KG?!?!? I said to myself. Are we going back to that place…OOOH HELL TO THE NAW!

So I dusted myself off and just decided that NO! I was not going to do that anymore. I listened to some brilliant clips by “Abraham Hicks” in which they say; that if they were standing in our physical shoes, what they would say as a wedding vow is…” I promise to always keep myself happy” How simple is that? Not relying on ANYONE else to control how you feel. That’s how I got into a mess with him in the FIRST PLACE…so.

No response. I’m cool. I’m gravy baby. I’m happy. Once I realized that I realize that’s why a lot of relationships fail, people suck each other dry of happiness cause they can’t find it within themselves. Not me baby.

~ by doyouboo on August 26, 2011.

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