Cut. Your. Losses.

We fight for what we believe in, it’s innate. But sometimes it’s better not to fight, and to just let go. Some think persistence will get them what they want, in a lot of cases it will, but is it worth it, I would say, not always.

Issue at hand. A guy, who became a good friend, who is not putting effort into our friendship anymore. I miss him, and I just want to be in his company. I make all the moves, and he doesn’t budge. Last night at 4am I called my best friend, whining, telling her I was going to give him a piece of my mind … let him know that he’s not living up to his end of our relationship … basically I was going to look like a mad black woman.

Thank God, my besty had the patience to calm me down, and convinced me not to do a thing. She said, accept it. Really what else can I do, I can’t force someone to care about me. So I’m just going to cut my losses, and carry on. He doesn’t stop me from being me, it just hurts. Pain is a part of life, if never experienced how can you honestly say you lived, how can you really say you know what it feels like to be happy.

Embrace every moment, bitter or sweet, embrace it, and let time tell all truth.

Do you boo!

~ by doyouboo on October 1, 2011.

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