Still Standing

I believe one of the best accomplishments in life, is to smile.

Everyone has experienced some degree of hardship. And it’s easy to be sad and depressed, it’s easy to curl up in bed and block the world out. It’s easy to keep your feelings to your self and to speak negatively about life and situations. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself.

But …

It takes effort to motivate yourself and others who come into contact with you. It takes effort to be positive, even if life isn’t working out the way you planned. It takes effort to be happy, when everyone else around you is bitter and sad. It takes effort to pick yourself back up, to stand tall, and smile.

That’s why …

I laugh at the past. I laugh at my mistakes. I laugh at those who never supported me. I laugh at those who’ve always hated me. I laugh at moments I once regretted. I laugh alone. I laugh out loud. I laugh and smile through it all.

Because …


– Do you boo.

~ by doyouboo on October 4, 2011.

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