In Another Time


Falling is so easy, especially when it’s for a tall, handsome, intelligent, funny guy. He was my friend, and I adored him, I admired him, I accepted him into my heart. We grew close, he shared his goals with me, and I shared mine with him. We shared a connection, we both agreed was different so tell my why … I can no longer call him a friend.

Losing someone you hold close to your heart, is difficult. Especially when dishonesty is the cause of the loss.

I gave him a piece of me, a piece I can never get back. He wasn’t mine, but he told me he didn’t belong to anyone, and I believe him, and believed that one day our relationship would grow into something more. Until I found out he had a girlfriend. He kissed me, he held me, he gave me a piece of himself. But when he wasn’t with me, he was doing it all for her. And so I had to let. it. go

I’ll admit, years ago, I would have continued to see him, in hopes that he’d leave his girl for me. But I have grown into a woman who respects other women.
And so I walked away.

I’ve cried over heart breaks, but in another time, they’ll mean nothing to me, they’ll realize what they’ve done to me and how they treated me. My tears won’t leave a trace. In another time, I’ll be stronger, wiser. In another time, I’ll find someone worthy to be mine.

~ by doyouboo on December 28, 2011.

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