Intuition – A woman’s bestfriend

Men have dogs, women have intuition. Just like a dog, you have to care for it, watch it, listen to it. It needs plenty of care and attention.

I know you’ve all been in situations where you have a feeling. A feeling that something just ain’t right. GO WITH THAT FEELING that’s your intuition tugging on the leash your holding, don’t try to change the direction its going. Most of the time if you’ve been in similar situations, your intuition will sniff around to find all the marks it left last time. The last thing you want is your intuition to turn around bite you in the ass for not listening. And it will.

There is no reason to ignore the signs. Especially when they were ignored in the past, and exactly what you felt would happen, did.

I’ve had a bad year with boys, I locked my intuition in a cage, I gave chances, there was the benefit of the doubt, the wool was over my eyes, there was just no way that any dude would hurt me, he would be different, he would understand me … I though he did, until I found out my now ex, was seeing other women behind my back, the guy I was seeing after my ex had a girlfriend the entire 6 months we were talking, and the guy I used to get over him, hooked up with another girl, infront of me. Oh I should mention. In every single situation, I had that feeling, the feeling that told me something ain’t right, and I blocked it out … oops.

I would say. It’s time to stop with this boy non sense. After all it is a new year, might as well start fresh, start with me, and end with doing things in my best interest. This time, I’ll listen to my intuition, it only wants the best for me.

Do you boo.

~ by doyouboo on January 19, 2012.

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