Reality TV

I was watching Keeping up With the Kardashians the other day (i love it, it’s my thing, let it go 🙂 – for all you SATC stans) it’s my guilty pleasure. Any outsider could see the problems between Kim and Khloe, or even better those between Kourtney and Scott.

Let me indulge you. Kourtney and Scott are sleeping in separate beds. Kourtney since having her son Mason has dedicated her entire life to him. He sleeps in the bed with her, instead of Scott, she spends her waking hours finding ways to be a better mom. This is of course admirable. But Scott is dying on the otherside of it all. Kourtney never supports his ventures, phases, ideas, dreams. Their sex life is diminished, he’s dying to get back in the bed with her, he’s been patient; but it’s obvious to the outsider that she’s not yet ready to trust Scott again because in the past he’s embarassed her completely due to his drinking difficulties…

There I am drinking my Rooibos tea, yelling…”Kourtney! You need to learn to trust again, look how Scott has changed for you, and you never support him” I’ve got all the right advice when it counts.

But am I ever keeping it reality real in MY LIFE? Hmmm. Something hit me. I feel like I need to wisen up myself and look into my own life. I’m currently in a romantic entaglement…(which i’m detangling…) and I’m asking myself; do I need to trust more? Do I need to let go? Do i need to both face up to my fears and be aware that I might get reject if I move forward.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Check. Check. Check.

So, next time ur watching ur select reality TV, muffin, coke, tea, green smoothie in hand; maybe you should keep it real too.

Till then.

Do You Boo.

~ by doyouboo on January 19, 2012.

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