Worrying: A rite of Passage to Womanhood?

Worrying: A rite of Passage to Womanhood?

I’m So Sick of Worrying!

Aren’t you?

I’m applying for another visa here. Of course I’m going to get it.

I want to buy a juicer, I worry whether or not I’ll have enough money. But I do have enough money. Just
this week I got called for an extra job 5 times my normal salary.

But we always think the worst.

I’m a big fan of Lilou Macé. She does these amazing interviews online. Youtube her. Anyways, she did an interview where her guest spoke of choosing “Love over Fear”; and that concept resonated deep within my little whirlpool pond. Choose love over fear it’s that simple. How about thinking of the best case scenario? That my visa could and would and will come easily. That i can buy my juicer and afford it.

It works with self esteem. There’s a friend of mine who’s been avoiding me and immediately I’m thinking, damn what did I do? My ego has been winning this one, beating me down into inferiority. What if perhaps, I am good enough? I’m not an asshole? What if I can love myself today and not blame myself today.

You know how it feels when you do that? Your whole body relaxes. You feel good. Alternatively when you get that shoulders up, stomach freeze feeling, just relax your body; it’ll do you some good.

Choose Love Over Fear.
oh and when you’re done with that.


Worry is thoughts, images and emotions of a negative nature in which mental attempts are made to avoid anticipated potential threats – Wikipedia.

So yeah…don’t do that boo.

~ by doyouboo on January 19, 2012.

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