Who Are You? – finding yourself in relationships.

Wow. I had this playing in the background while i surfed the web. Rode tumblr waves, looked at pretty pictures you know the deal.

It’s a pretty long as interview but really fascinating. it’s so easy not to blame ourselves for who our partner is. just as easy as it is not to blame ourselves when bad things happen to us. Some part of us must have attracted these ‘bad things’. If you believe in the Law of Attraction. and oh. I do.

Linda talks about how she was single for over 7 years and finally when she got back into a relationship; she realized she was still dating the same kind of guy as she always had. someone who was unfaithful, and dishonest; but whom she loved all the same. she asked herself…have i been this way with other people? have i been untruthful to friends, she didn’t like what she found about herself and it hurt real bad.

So I began to ask myself about my last boyfriend. I thought he was a bit selfish…am i selfish then? i thought he was unkind to people who couldn’t help him. Hmmm maybe there’s some of that in me. I thought he was cold. Is that who I am? Do I need to keep asking these questions to be able to move on? I haven’t been in a relationship for OVER 2 years now. But I know that when i get into a new one; I don’t want to be asking these questions again. I don’t want a replay of the same movie I saw 2 years ago. I need something new.

Hmmm I’ve got some work to do.
and maybe so do. you. boo.

~ by doyouboo on January 22, 2012.

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