Fake it Till You Make It

So I found this FANTASTIC comedienne, her name is “Big Les” or “Leslie Jones”, she’s just HILARIOUS!

Ok, now that you’ve witnessed her brilliance, just peep her vlog below. She talks about how female comics don’t get much of a chance to really present themselves to an audience, because most women are deemed to not be funny. Men, she says, get 1 full minute to prove their worthwhile on the stage and women, she says, are torn apart from the moment they hit the stage. What are they wearing? What do they look like?

I feel the same way about ‘female rappers’. Why do they always have to talk about sex? Really? I’m not into it; that’s why i could only ever listen to Lauryn Hill, cause she had something to SAY, and could make it sound dope too. But I digress.

She talks about faking it till you make it. This thought had been circling in my head for a few days…If you haven’t already noticed i’ve been crushing on this singer guy prett-ay hard. But NOW I feel like I’m in the place where I could approach him, if given another chance. Fake it till you make it is the name of the game. Most men when they come up to you may be (totally are…) shit scared, but when they approach you they act like frekkin’ Don Giovanni. Sometimes we can see through it, but you got to appreciate their balls.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells how he used to walk around his BodyBuilding competitions as if he’d already won, he’d look at the other guys and tell them that they were wasting their time. Well it worked, he did win 7 Mr. Olympia competitions. So this is my new strategy going into anything I’m do. This will include acting as executive producer for a project a friend asked me to spear head…do I really know what i’m doing…NO!

Oprah often talks about how when she was getting into broadcasting she did the same. Faked it, till she made it.

So go on out there, DO the fake you, until YOU until you MAKE it BOO!

~ by doyouboo on February 2, 2012.

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