My Top 5 Deathbed Regrets

Hmmm… that article on the guardian got me thinking…if I were on my deathbed what would MY top 5 regrets be?

You know sometimes when I was writing an exam, I would work from the back to the front; somehow it just felt like less pressure because I already knew what was at the end… and Life is one big exam isn’t it? OK, that was pretty corny. But really let’s explore.

Wow…OK, I’m already enjoying this. I would regret the following.

1. Never really getting into GREAT shape, staying there, LOVING IT and loving my body; and to be honest; I’d like to have had a six pack at least once!

2. Never approaching a possible love interest, or a past or intermediate lover and telling them how I REALLY feel.

3. Never reaching my full potential as a musician, both technically and commercially.

4. Never having learned to be my best self; I hate to say ‘god-like’, but something like that.

I think that’s it. That’s really all I could come up with. I thought of things like…never going to the Caribbean, or Italy, but I KNOW that’s going to happen. Every few years I’m in a new country it seems. So Travel might be on the list.

I’d like to explain number 4, I’m happy with who I am and my evolution as a human being; but I do think one of the end goals is LOVE. I hope to reach the state when I gave ALWAYS with a true heart, not because of the benefits I might receive. To love like a child, the older I get and not become jaded and miserly with my feelings. To be honest with my friends at all times, and strangers too. That’s the eventual goal…I started my life out like that. I remember that ol’ innocence of childhood, the giving with an open free and ever loving heart, and then somewhere in the middle i took a HARD LEFT. Over the years, I hope to learn to trust fully again, and to continue really loving even when I’m deceived.

But for now let me get started on that six pack…

~ by doyouboo on February 2, 2012.

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